Learn more about our top-quality Pediatric Dental Fillings

Our caring pediatric dentists may recommend a dental filling for your child if his or her teeth have been damaged by cavities, chipping, or cracking. Dental fillings can help restore your child’s smile to full beauty and function! Call us today to learn more about children’s dental fillings in Athens, Texas, and to schedule your child’s appointment at DentalWorks.

Dental fillings are restorations that repair minor damage to a tooth, and no matter how good your child’s home care is, they might still need to receive a filling to recover from decay or an accident that damages their tooth. There are two main types of dental filling that each have their own benefits: amalgam (metal) fillings and composite fillings.

Fillings will generally take only one visit to our office. Our pediatric dentist will remove and clean up any areas of decay or damage, making sure that your child is comfortable during the entire process. The filling material is then used to fill in the area and hardened when it has been shaped to match the original tooth structure.

Dental fillings are a great choice for anyone looking to revitalize the health of their child’s smile and help them eat and speak without any pain or discomfort. Contact us today to learn more and get started!