Why Baby Teeth are Essential to Oral Health

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Do you know why baby teeth are essential to your child’s oral health? Did you know that baby teeth can affect the permanent teeth that grow in which can affect your baby throughout their adult life? To help you learn more about your child’s oral health, our team is happy to provide you with this basic information on why baby teeth are essential to oral health.

Your child’s oral health and development depend on their baby teeth. Basically, baby teeth help children learn to talk and chew properly, which continues on through their adult life. Baby teeth, to be precise, hold the jaw in place for the permanent teeth to grow in under the gums. This is important because your baby teeth set the foundation for your permanent teeth.

If the baby teeth are lost much too early or suffer serious health problems like gum disease, then your permanent teeth may not align in the proper place and suffer serious health problems too. Cavities usher in gum disease, and your child’s permanent teeth are inside the gums, which is why it is vital to take care of your child’s teeth. After your child’s first tooth appears, or after their first birthday party, remember to bring your child in for a dental checkup. Our team will be able to show you how to care for the baby teeth properly and can also help your child feel safe and comfortable at an early age with the dentist.

As a new parent, it is natural to have questions about the health of your child. Our dentists here at DentalWorks in Athens, Texas, are happy to help you with any questions you have about your child’s oral health and the things you need to know to keep their smile healthy. Call us at 903-675-0023.