Tips on How to Protect Your Teen’s Smile

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Your teen’s smile needs protection. This is because there are many things in the world that can damage your teen’s teeth and gums, like bacteria, sugar, skate parks, sports, and more. If you’re not careful, your teen can suffer the consequences. So, to help you protect your teen’s smile, our pediatric dentists encourage you to do the following things:

-Make sure they keep up on oral hygiene. For the best protection possible, they should be brushing twice a day (with a soft-bristled toothbrush), flossing once a day (with a tool that’s easy to use), and rinsing with mouthwash daily (with antibacterial or fluoride mouthwash). These things can help your teen clean their smile and prevent dental problems.

-Make sure they wear a mouthguard when they are active. This is important if they participate in high-contact sports and activities. This is because there is a good chance they can suffer a blow to the face while they are active. The mouthguard can absorb the force and help your teen prevent oral injury.

-Make sure they attend their routine dental appointments regularly. In fact, they should visit our office every six months for their dental cleaning and exam. This is important because the treatments provided can help your teen keep major dental issues away, like periodontal disease and cavities.

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