The One and Only Wonderful, Fantastic, Amazing, Spectacular Pediatrics Quiz!

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Pediatric dentistry is dentistry designed for young children and infants. Pediatric dentists not only must complete their entire dental school training but also complete an additional 2-3 years of specialized training. However, the task of taking care of a child’s mouth ultimately depends on the caregiver. Do you know how to care for your child’s oral health? Take the quiz below to find out:


Question One: How many baby teeth do children typically have?

A: 1

B: 2

C: 75

D: 20


Question Two: Which of the following treatments is acceptable for a child that is teething?

A: Tooth Extraction

B: Teething Ring

C: Dentures

D: Dental Veneers


Question Three: Which of the following can negatively affect the alignment of a child’s teeth?

A: Pacifiers

B: Thumb Sucking

C:  Prolonged Bottle-Feeding

D: All of the Above


Question Four: When brushing their teeth, what is the recommend amount of toothpaste to be used for a child under the age of three?

A: A dab the size of a rice grain

B: A dab the size of a nice plane

C: A dab the size of a spice train

D: Use ice cream instead of toothpaste


Question Five: Which symbol is placed on products to assure buyers that they reach the standards set by the American Dental Association for safety and effectiveness?

A: The Zipper on the Bag to Seal in Freshness

B: The ADA Badge of Eternal Honor and Glory

C: The ADA Seal of Acceptance

D: “Buy One Get One Free” Sticker


Keeping your child’s teeth healthy begins with always being there to help them with their oral health and knowing which treatments can help, and which ones cannot. For additional support, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Morgan and our team at our pediatric office in Athens, Texas, by calling us at 903-675-0023. 


Answers: D, B, D, A, C