Teething Remedies for Your Children

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When your child is born, they already have many of their baby teeth. However, none of the teeth have broken the surface of the gums yet, which is referred to as a tooth eruption. The first tooth eruption typically takes place between the age of 6 to 10 months. Sadly, the process can cause the child discomfort, known as teething. In order to ease the pain, there are a few teething remedies you can use for your infant.

With your finger, you can rub their gums back and forth gently to soothe their pain. Another teething remedy is a teething ring designed specifically for these needs. Gauze pads, small cold spoons, and cold damp washcloths can also help. In some instances, your child’s pediatrician may suggest or prescribe medication. Avoid teething tablets for children under two years of age.

A few signs and symptoms to watch for that can indicate your child is teething includes sleeping issues, fussiness, excessive whining, bad eating habits, and excessive drooling. Teething is perfectly normal for a child, but if symptoms begin to worsen, you will need to contact their pediatrician. Excessive teething symptoms include diarrhea, signs of a rash on their body, and a high fever or bouts of fever.

If you would like to know more about teething or would like a check-up for your infant, please schedule a visit to your child’s pediatrician at DentalWorks. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Morgan, you can reach our pediatric office in Athens, Texas, by calling us at 903-675-0023. We are here to help your child with all their oral health care needs!