Does Your Child Have Risky Teeth that Need Dental Sealants?

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The unique shapes and characteristics of your child’s teeth enable them to perform their specific functions when it’s time to chew up food for easy digestion. The back teeth, also referred to as molars and premolars, grind down the bites of food that your child eats. You may notice that their biting surfaces have deep pits and fissures, which help perform this function. Deep textures on back teeth can increase your child’s risk of tooth decay and may need dental sealants to keep these teeth protected.

If your child struggles to effectively brush the biting surfaces of the back teeth due to their deep texture, trapped particles of food and bacteria could result in large cavities that compromise the tooth structure and require restorative dentistry. When your child visits DentalWorks for a dental checkup, our dentist can place dental sealants that coat the biting surfaces and form a strong barrier against bacteria so that the tooth enamel is better protected.

Dental sealants are crafted from tooth-colored or clear resin and painted onto clean teeth following your child’s dental checkup. They can last for several years, even with daily wear and tooth brushing.

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