Removing Unhealthy Foods from Your Children’s Diet to Protect Their Teeth

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Picking the right menu for you and your family has become harder than ever. Fast, delicious treats saturate our options, but their taste and convenience often come at the expenditure of our health. We’ve amassed a list of some foods you can watch out for when creating menus beneficial to your dental health. Read on below to find out more:

Lollipops or tough candy. Because lollipops are practically purely sugar (and lots of it), they help make bacterial acids in your oral cavity that can erode chompers. As if that weren’t bad enough, they’re tough enough to break or chip your chompers. Watch out for lollipops and other sugary, tough candies if you want to keep your oral health great.

Potato chips. Carbohydrates (sugars) feed bacteria in your mouth, and starch carbohydrates especially are prone to sticking to teeth. And though they may be tasty, potato chips are a starchy carbohydrate food that can damage your teeth. To top it off (literally), potato chips are often coated with sugary spice blends for added flavoring.

Soda. When you drink soda, you’re handing the bacteria in your oral cavity a good feeding source — awesome for them, but harmful for your teeth. Bacteria change the sugars in food into acid, so sugary sodas can become damaging for your oral health if you don’t drink them alongside water and flush out your oral cavity with fluoridated toothpaste regularly.

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