Cavity Treatment for your Kids

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Sometimes, despite your best efforts to get your children to brush and floss on a regular basis, they can still develop cavities in their baby teeth. Don’t feel bad, this happens fairly commonly. Kids love sugar and can often miss places while brushing, which can make these types of things happen.

When this does happen, we know it can be a bit difficult to help your child overcome their fears of the dentist in order to have a dental filling. We’d like to help you know how to handle the situation in the unfortunate event that your child does become in need of a dental filling treatment. Here’s some good advice from your family’s dentist, Dr. Jennifer Morgan and the staff of DentalWorks.

Remember to relax. Your kids can pick up on your stress and will emulate what they see you do. If you keep your composure, chances are that your child will also. You should also do your best to stay positive in these situations to further influence your child’s perspective regarding their dental filling treatment. Try to avoid making your child feel like it’s their fault, just let them know that their doctor will treat their cavity.

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