A Primary Tooth With a Large Cavity Might Need a Dental Crown

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Your child’s 20 primary teeth play an important role in allowing them to bite off and efficiently break down food. These small teeth also play a structural role in the process of being replaced by their 32 permanent counterparts.

If your son or daughter loses a primary tooth to an untreated cavity, the lingering void could affect the alignment of the permanent teeth that eventually emerge in the area. If the change is pronounced it could increase their chances of needing traditional braces in their adolescent years.

If a large cavity has significantly compromised one of their primary teeth, our dentist might recommend a dental crown restoration. Also referred to as a dental cap, the treatment process will essentially replace the tooth’s enamel layer with another durable material.

Once our dentist has installed it onto the healthy core of the primary tooth the dental crown will help preserve its physical presence and basic function in your child’s mouth until it is ready to be lost in the natural course of time.

Encouraging your child to brush their teeth twice each day as well as flossing each evening will also go a long way toward preventing new cavities on other primary teeth.

If you live in the Athens, Texas, area and you suspect a cavity has developed on one of your child’s teeth you should call 903-675-0023 to have it examined and treated at DentalWorks. Drs. Boozer, Lindsey, Massey, Shuttlesworth, Airheart, and Flanders are here to help your child develop a healthy smile!